The Unfortunate Cycle

In a conversation with a girl I met in a dance club last night I discovered the unfortunate truth about a cycle of the desire to explore and the means of getting there.

I’d like to share the thought with whoever is out there and willing to listen.

While introducing each other I was asked the classic questions of what I’d like to study after the army and if I’d like to return to my home town afterwards or if I’d like to study and make a life for myself in the country which I currently serve.

Studies and traveling, we agreed, are very similar in the following way. The more one studies, the more he wants to study. With every newly learned subject or topic, one is only motivated and interested in learning more. And similarly when one travels, he would only desire to see and explore more. 

With this realization, the following g problem became clear; to travel and study you need money – a lot of money. And, unless someone is hiding an awesome job where you can travel and study at the same time, you need to settle down in a place and a job to make money. 

So yes, I guess you can try be positive and say that  you can study things that interest you and travel to places which amaze you during your yearly work breaks. But the unfortunate cycle is undeniable.

The more we see and learn, the more we want but no matter how strong the will is, it is almost impossible to achieve without settling, for at least a little while, to make enough money to allow you to fulfil that rich urge to taste all the sweetness that our world has to offer.

So unless one of you out there are willing to sponsor my studies and travels, in which case I’d say thank you very much, take the girl from the club on a trip around the world and stop with all this rambling, I guess I’m going to have to start coming up with an answer to her question of what I want to study and where I want to settle.

The Unanswered 


Author: thereason18

I'm just here trying to prevent loosing my thoughts and to try keep them in some kind of order. Twenty-one year old male - the rest can be found throughout my posts.

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